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A Celebration of Baseball Card Collecting

Welcome baseball card fans. Whether you are just starting your collection or have been working on it for years, this site was made just for you. Baseball Card Buddies is a place to gather, educate, share, and inspire. We are a powerhouse of baseball card fans who have come together to share our passion in an incredible environment. If you love baseball cards as much as we do and want to join the baseball card buddy team, sign up today!

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Here are just a few reasons...

Collecting is FUN! - whether you are opening a fresh pack of cards anticipating that highly sought after card, receiving a package in the mail full of baseball goodies or buying that single card you have had your eye on for months. Baseball Card Collecting is FUN!

Conversation Pieces - who doesn't like to talk about their favorite players, their favorite teams and their favorite cards? Baseball Cards promote human interaction and socialization which is at an all-time low in our tech heavy lives filled with screens. Take a moment to listen to kids discussing baseball cards, the results are fascinating.

Education - whether it's the baseball statistics being absorbed and memorized, understanding what the letters R.B.I. stand for or finding out who Robert Moses "Lefty" Grove is, education is everywhere!  

Fine Motor Skills - young children can turn on the television and tap on that smartphone or tablet very easily, but are they developing their fine motor skills as early and often as they could to the best of their abilities? Baseball card collecting requires constant hand and finger manipulation in synchronization with the eyes. These skills aid in the overall growth of intelligence.  

Reading - (and this is a Baseball Card Buddies personal favorite!) By trying to pronounce the names of the baseball players on baseball cards (and there are some tough names out there) kids are building their fluency. They begin to match a letter to a sound and introduce decoding. (need some real evidence? View the early Baseball Card Buddies Youtube videos by clicking the icon at the top of this page. Over a short period of time a voracious reader developed). That's a true baseball card buddy!     

Economics - How much is that pack of baseball cards? How much of "my own money" do I have? So, if I have ten dollars and I pay five dollars for the pack how much will I have left? That's right! It's economics! Baseball Card Buddies witnessed this occurrence first hand at our last event. (It was a large container of quarters, but well worth all the accounting to buy that special card to add to the collection)  

Geography - Do you know anyone from Nashville, TN, Cincinnati, OH, or Miami, FL? If you said Mookie Betts, Andrew Benintendi and J.D. Martinez you are right! How about Sánchez Ramírez province of the Dominican Republic? The location where baseball players are born will pique the curiosity of every child. Oh, the last answer is Rafael Devers!  

Organizing - this is a Parents favorite attribute, although it doesn't always translate to keeping a clean room! Baseball card collectors LOVE to sort and categorize. By team, player, position, year, card brand, you name it. Baseball card collectors can't have enough reasons to move these cardboard collectibles around in dedicated groupings. Organizing develops focus, order and accomplishment. 

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