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  • Saturday mornings - Action packed Baseball Card Collecting experience


    150 US dollars
  • Saturday mornings - Action packed Baseball Card Collecting experience

    Starts Mar 9

    150 US dollars

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YES! Isn't this just a hobby where you open up trading cards, hope to get a card of your favorite star player to show off to your friends and family and stash all the remaining commons in a shoebox in your closet?.......Well, in all honesty, that's part of it. Then why would someone register for a class to do that? Great question.

A Baseball Card Buddies class is SO much more. During class, players:

  • Interact with other players on their team

  • Present and communicate their ideas

  • Actively listen to other players

  • Receive curated baseball cards

  • Construct storage containers

  • Discuss baseball current events

  • Play trivia 

  • Learn about the history of the game, player profiles, ballpark geography, team mascots, card collecting terminology and online resources


Little League Baseball Game

Choose the class that is right for your player

Whether it is a group class or individual. In person or remote. We have the perfect fit for your player.

Every class includes $20 worth of baseball cards!

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